Thursday, 27 August 2009

Progress report, new articles and some BIG NEWS!

Hello everyone,

I apologise for the lack of posting on Get Fit For Cricket. The reason is because I have very kindly been asked to post for Pitch Vision, a brilliant cricket website with plenty of free information and other slightly more expensive but equally brilliant goodies.

I've posted two articles on their site, the first one introduced my research and a few technical considerations, whilst the second one is about the hips and how to use them properly. Everyone knows they should use their hips when they bowl, the problem arises because no-one knows has told you how to use them! Hopefully, the article should help. Links are at the bottom of the article.

Some of you may be thinking that my articles lack information that can be directly applied to bowlers. I am sorry for this, but I promise you that this information is coming! I have plenty of drills that'll help you out, if you want to find some out, send me an email at and I'll be more than happy to help with drills specific to your needs.

Now for the big news.

I would like to take this opportunity to announce that I'm writing a book about fast bowling!

The book will cover all aspects of training for fast bowlers: technique, flexibility and conditioning. I have spent a long time researching all these areas, I now feel confident enough to put them all together in one place!

The technique chapters will describe the theory and how to put it into practise with drills and exercises. The drills will be set out so that there's a natural progression from one drill to another. I want to make the format as simple as possible, so that you start with the basic drills and eventually move onto the advanced drills.

The flexibility chapter will detail all the why's and how's of stretching for cricket. Although the thought of stretching may make you groan, I can assure that stretching gives you 'bang for your buck'- i.e. when you consider the amount of time that you'll spend stretching, the results you'll get will be more than worth it.

The conditioning chapter will contain information on strength and energy sytems work for cricketers. My friends and family all know how much I love spending time in the gym, so I've done a lot of research to make sure that cricketers will get the most out of thier conditioning training. Most of my methods were pioneered by elite Eastern Bloc Sports Scientists, all I have done is apply them to cricketers. As well as explaining exactly how cricketers should train, I'll also include an annual training template.

Essentially, I want the book to be as simple and effective as possible. I want every coach and bowler to be able to APPLY what I discuss, not just know it. I won't go as far as saying the book will be full of 'underground secrets', but the book will definitely contain a lot of information that I've never heard coaches discuss before, but is vitally important to fast bowling.

Considering the very limited (and in my opinion pretty rubbish) information on fast bowling out there, I think the book will prove to be a useful contribution to a cricketer's book collection!

My articles on Pitch Vision can be found here. Make sure to have a look around the site!



P.S With regards to the book, I'll be looking for a publisher or somewhere to put it on the internet, if anyone can help me with this it'd be great to hear from you!


  1. Would be interested to know how the progress with the book and your own fast bowling is coming along.


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  3. perhaps try to be a freelancer on PitchVision itself. you'll have credibility from your articles no doubt. course it would be the online format.

    im sure you can find a publisher somewhere if you look