Thursday, 25 June 2009

Fast Bowling: A new approach

Hi to everyone,

I'm sorry that I haven't posted in such a long time but the past few weeks have been very busy. Fortunately that time has been spent working on two big cricket projects, one written exclusively for Get Fit For Cricket and the other for my end of year Mathematics project.

Since my maths project work is fresh in my mind, today I'm providing a copy of my work on fast bowling. You can grab a copy at

What I've done is create a mathematical model of a portion of a fast bowler's action. I've then evaluated it's behaviour and had a look at what we can learn about fast bowling from the model. There is a lot of maths but hopefully the project is written in such a way that the project 'works' without the maths. If you want to get the jist of the project I suggest you read the introduction, the summary of bowling biomechanics, take a look at what the model looks like and then go straight to the results.

The style of writing is much more formal than that of the blog since an informative tone wouldn't have gone down too well with the mathematics department :-D.

It was absolutely fascinating working on the project, there's a huge scope for work in the future so it's an exciting time for me. I hope you get as much out of reading it as I did writing it.

If you feel my work deserves it please 'have a look' at the ads. Every click counts. I'm well on my way to getting the video camera- it will vastly improve the quality of the site, so everyone wins!

Cheers, hope you enjoy the article,


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