Thursday, 16 April 2009

How I train

Just in case anyone is curious or if people want evidence that I'm not just a 'keyboard warrior' I'd like to post how I'm training at the moment.

My plan follows a training method called the 'Conjugate method'. I have been forced to use this method due to the short amount of time until the cricket season starts. As soon as I start playing properly, I'll start a maintenance program.

Next season I'm going to try out 'linear periodization'. More on that story later.

The conjugate method involved training all sport specific functions in the same week. Here is how I train:

SUNDAY: Max Strength Day
MONDAY: REST/skipping practise
TUESDAY: General physical preparedness training/'Warrior Challenges' and Core training
THURSDAY: Sprint training and Core
FRIDAY: Power training

Every training day I do a 'finisher', an exercise design to test mental toughness as much as physical. Technical training is on the rest days, just catching, throwing etc. I also do stretching exercises on the rest days twice a day. When I have access to nets I'll bowl 10 overs on Tuesday instead of the GPP training.

Most sessions last for 20-30 minutes, apart from the max strength day which takes an hour. I work at 100% all the time- if you have to pace yourself, the training is too long and not specific for cricket.

Everyone is different: its taken me a while to come up with the right sort of training method for me. It might not work for you. It's also taken me a lot of reading to find out what to include in my training sessions and when. If you have any questions about my program, email me at



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